Goat Show

Group Show

November 10 - 29 2017

Graham "Potts" Porter Peeling Back 2017 acrylic & dry pastel on salvaged timber 123 x 85 cm

Luka Carstens-Hey, Meredith Crowe, Michael Cusack, Franco Girardi, Brent Hallard, Sem Han, Emily Imeson
Christine James, Jess Leitmanis, Anne Leon, A.Mac, Mahala Magins, Jay Manby, Tabitha McGregor
Kim McLean, Paul McNeil, Potts, Caitlin Reilly, Craig Rochfort, David Sparkes, Myo Yim

Curated by Andrew McDonald

GOAT SHOW is a sampler featuring 20 Lone Goat alumni from the 2017 program, alongside artists who will exhibit at the gallery in 2018.  

In 2017 Lone Goat produced 22 exhibitions featuring 125 artists, over 20 artist talks, workshops & performances, and partnered with organisations including Byron School of Art, Byron Writers Festival, Byron Surf Festival, Trailer Projects and Red inc.

Goat Show is a snapshot of the culture surrounding the gallery, and a celebration of the diversity of Byron Shire artists and community that Lone Goat Gallery is proud to support and be part of.