Australian professional surfer, artist, filmmaker and musician Ozzie Wright is renowned for his radical surfing innovation and punk rock aesthetic.

Like Egon Schiele, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Carl Sagan, David Suzuki and Banksy in a blender, Ozzie fuses graffiti, pop art, autobiography, cosmic psychedelia, eco-political activism and self-help into an eyeball-searing mix all of his own.

Using every media available and painting anything that will stand still long enough, Ozzie's work has featured on innumerable surfboards, record covers, band flyers, a range of ready-to-wear fashion, and in art exhibitions worldwide. Most recently Ozzie staged a sell-out solo show at Byron Bay's own Spot of Genius gallery, alongside collaborative murals up and down the East Coast and across the Pacific in Hawaii.

Wildly prolific, Ozzie also creates artwork for his garage punk band The Goons of Doom. As bass player of the Goons, Ozzie mixes his surfing career alongside both his art and musical commitments. To date the Goons have released such cult classics as the EP Bikey Zomby (2005) the 16-track album The Story of Dead Barbie & Ghost (2007) and I Hate My Hair & I Want to Die (2008). The band have toured extensively in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Ozzie Wright also known as Ozzy Wrong is an artist, surfer, musician, visionary, pillar of positivity, beacon of hope, dreamer, lover and a creator of all things radical. The 'Shreditation' Teeshirt collection was put together with Art by Ozzy that embodies his positivity and to surround you with good vibrations, sunshine and cosmic coolness..Anti Bad Vibes forever!

Film by Flamingo Amigos