Rob Scott-Mitchell

Beach Dogs of Byron Bay

15 January - 26 February 2022

Rob Scott-Mitchell (1954–2021) was an award winning photographer/printmaker/musician/dog-lover, who lived in Byron Shire for the last 7 years of his life. 'Beach Dogs of Byron Bay' was an ongoing series that started as a documentation of his own dogs on their beach walks, but expanded to joyfully include all the dogs he encountered. Rob became a well loved figure on his daily beach meanders around Belongil.

Stylistically the work has evolved into shooting largely from the dogs' P.O.V. Scott-Mitchell loved entering their play spaces, and responding to their energy and occasional aggression. “I find this very special in the landscape of the beach, where the openness of the sky and ever present horizon line, contrasts beautifully with tight shots that focus intimately on the dogs' interactions.”

His photographic goal was to engage fully in the present, to capture the immediacy of the action and interactions of the animals around him.

Winner of the inaugural National Photographic Portrait Prize 2007, National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, Australia.