Caitlin Reilly

Streets of this town

21 May – 18 June 2022

'This is a documentation of one aspect of contemporary life on the streets of Byron Bay, a place I have called home for nearly 25 years. The subject matter of homelessness is one that has an inherent sadness to it. Painting these works has amplified my own fears of housing security and awareness of the hardships leading to homelessness. 

These works are as much about the anonymous sleepers as they are about the places they sleep. A visual language that acknowledges the relationship between our individual lives and the mechanisms of society.

I hope that this work needs no explanation, my intention is to capture the visceral reaction to homelessness and at the same time offer a perspective rendered with care and in doing so capture and focus your gaze to look closer at another side of the streets of this town.'

Caitlin Reilly, 2022